Testimonial from MM

Amy was strongly recommended by a colleague of mine. Given the current circumstances, I had reservations about reaching out to a lawyer, since we all know how financially, emotionally, and physically stressful the situation already is. However, when I contacted Amy and had a conversation with her, I immediately sensed her understanding. She provided excellent guidance and directed me towards the appropriate path. Her support made me feel empowered and confident in overcoming any obstacles.


Testimonial from AW

Amy is a true gem. She’s smart, professional, responsive, thorough, and effective. My experience with her has been exceptional and she’s always a pleasure to work with. Amy leads with integrity, matched by warmth and compassion. The icing on the cake of success is a celebratory breakfast with someone you can really call a friend.


Testimonial from KS

Donald practiced law like a gentleman. Resourceful and diligent, with dignity and class.

Amy was all about seeking the truth and listened to everything that was most important to protect me and my son.

They understood the importance of my case and did every thing possible to help me through all the l issues. They practiced law the right way, they went above and beyond their scope as attorneys.
I'm grateful I had their representation.


Testimonial from JP

Although no one likes to find themselves going through a divorce, sometimes it happens when we least expect it. I found myself battling for a divorce what went from 6 months to 3 long years. I was given the run around, unanswered calls and trying to get ahold of my “representative” at another “firm”.

But then my luck turned around when I was introduced to Amy. Not only did she accept to take on my case, but it was the first time I actually felt heard by someone. Amy was reachable at any time of day and was determined as much as myself to finalize my divorce from my ex husband. Instead of waiting for years, Amy was able to help me close this agonizing chapter of my life for good in 3 months time!! She walked me through every step of the way, kept me updated on what was going on with my case and was right there next to me until the very end. Shocked and in disbelief that my divorce had been granted, Amy was the one to tell me Congratulations, it’s officially done!

I can’t thank Amy enough for all of her hard work and time she put into my case, I recommend her to anyone who needs help with this type of situation. If she can help me, I believe she can help anyone.

Thank you Amy, I am forever grateful for you!!


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